Happy Birthday and of Course, a Surf Check

Thank You for taking a look!

I have made it a year now today, and without the encouragement of you all looking regularly it would not be so much fun.  I have learned a bunch, met some new people and achieved some of my goals.  The foremost, using the tools at my disposal to encourage you to get outside, ride your bike, escape the inertia of using your car to get around and play a bit.  It appears to be working on that front.  The rest has some room for growth, but that will come.

Back to the photo stuff.  I really have enjoyed the GoPro for its ease of use and angle of view.  The thing is that I have been feeling a bit lazy with respect to my creativity.  The creative outlet fuels the rest of the passion to keep this going.  I will be relying less on the GoPro an da bit mor eon my other cameras from here on out.  With darkness approaching I decided it was high time to teach myself the art of long exposure night shooting.  Not as tricky as I thought for my first stab at it.

The shots take a little more setup and gear hauling.  The results are well worth the effort.  This was the most fun I have had shooting in a while.

Thank you again for your readership, and as we roll into the fall and winter do not forget, PLAY OUTSIDE!!

Happy Friday.


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday and of Course, a Surf Check

  1. mike says:

    Congrats on the one year mark for your blog, it definitely helps me get through each week. Nice night shot as well. I asked court to try and set something up for us to head out there maybe near the end of the month. Talk to you soon.

  2. Errin says:

    I really like that shot Rob. I usually carry a small tripod with me, and now that the light is going away it will be time to play with it some more.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, it is as easy as you think, just use the timer to release the shutter and keep it under 30 seconds unless you want star trails. Use your lowest ISO to reduce noise. Manal focus helped, bring a flashlight to help focus on your target, or just focus on infinity. That morning I had just the right combination of the full moon and clouds. Have fun with it!

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