In The Stand – 1991 Miyata Seven14

My wife’s bike is almost off to its new home now that she has fallen for the Sequoia.  This bike has served her well and has many miles left in her.  Originally a 700c bike that would barely fit 26mm tires, the conversion to 650b was transformational.  It now fits 37mm panaracers with room for 45mm fenders.  This being the smallest size it also sports a low trail front end geometry and handles like a dream with the load up front.

Last night I put 4 coats of garnet shellac on the yellow tape grips and the results are even better than I had expected.  This weekend I will be running the new chain, cables and a few finishing touches.

Projects like this really are a lot of fun.  A full write-up on the final build is soon to come.

Soliciting reader opinions on the pedal color, are the gold pedals too much or do they mesh well with the shades of brown throughout the bike?  I like them, but am on the fence with a switch out to silver.  Let me know what you think.

Signing off to get ready for our weekend in carmegedon as we head south into L.A. for our friends wedding.  Have fun and get outside!!

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2 Responses to In The Stand – 1991 Miyata Seven14

  1. Mike says:

    Rob, that is a beautiful build! I think the gold pedals look nice with the matching colors throughout. You really did a great job with this rebuild, gotta post some pics of her new ride all done up as well. Good luck with the drive south, try to keep moving.

    • Adrienne says:

      That’s my bike! Thanks Rob. She is a beauty! I can not wait to ride here. Thanks for all of your hard work! xoxo

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