Bikes in the Garage – Rawland dSogn

My Rawland dSogn has been one of the best value bikes I have ever put together.  I was able to pick up the frame and fork as a blem in the fall of 2009 and build it up almost completely from components I had in the garage, keeping the utility to out-of-pocket cost ratio very high.  These were designed to be run as 650b mountain bikes with a heavy nod to the bridgestone Bridgestone XO-1.  Many of the bikes designed and sold by bridgestone during the 90’s were intended to be as versatile as possible and not just a “mountain bike “or “road bike”.  The sogn’s design intent was to be everything from your dirt road touring to daily commuter.  While designed for 650b x 55mm tires, the disc brakes allowed me to easily build mine up as a 700c x 42mm and still have room for fenders when things get wet.  The rest of the build settled into the following after a few changes:

Handle bar: Nitto RM013 Riv Dirt Drop
Levers: Shimano Tigra
Shifters: Shimano Bar end / Suntour Barcon NOS
Cables/Housing: Jagwire Ripcord
Stem: Velo Orange
Tape: Soma Thick and Zesty
Bell: Crane Brass (mounted to drilled and tapped spacer)
Headset: Chris King Sotto Voce
Brakes: Avid BB7 Disc Road
Seatpost: Salsa Shaft  
Saddle: Brooks B-17  
Bottom Bracket: Shimano cartridge
Crankset: Shimano Shimano LX vintage 94bcd 
Pedals: Sakae Low Fats (I have wide Feet)
Tires: Jack Brown Green – Panaracer FireCross – Schwalbe Marathon Extreme
Rims: Velocity Dyad 40h
Hubs: Whit industries M16
Bags: Carradice Nelson longflap and Carradice Hobo bag (Rivendell Prototype)
Racks: Old Man Mountain Sherpa rear and Bruce Gordon front

I have used this bike as my weekend produce hauler, after work mountain bike, 200K ride, mixed terrain bomber, commuter and rain bike.  While the ride is not nearly as lively as the Roadeo, it is still far better than either the Surly Cross Check or the Haro Mary that this bike replaced.  The steel frame is comfortable for long days in the saddle, especially with loads, and does not leave me feeling beat up. 

While not my “One” bike, this one has come close, and there are only a few tweaks I would make if it were ever to be replaced.  I would not say it is perfect, but when cost is factored in, as well as level of expectation for an off the shelf production bike it is an excellet value. 

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  1. Nice build. I have a very similar Rawland (good deal blemish frame) but was not quite so lucky with the components. I opted for disc brakes as well and don’t regret. I use mine for commuting and longer rides, and will be randonneuring on it next year, hopefully. I agree that dollar for dollar, this is a great deal. The new Drakar’s look very nice as well. Enjoy the ride!

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