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Catching Up On Some Project Bikes

I have a couple of bikes in the garage that am working on for some friends.  One you have seen bits of, is the Trek 613 650b conversion.  All of the parts I needed for the build made it in … Continue reading

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Bridgestone RB-T Released

The Bridgestone RB-T that I had posted about a while back is finally completed and in use by ha happy new owner.  In reality this bike did not need much more than a cleaning, new cables, tires, fenders and an … Continue reading

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Between the Drops

I thought I could make it to the mid-week Farmer’s market to pick up some beef and veggies before the next wave of rain hit.  I could see it coming in behind me from the west an knew it was going … Continue reading

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Ramble in the Rain

Fenders still doing their job, I really do enjoy the rain, but gear does make a difference.  Collecting thoughts still on how things either work or fail.

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Cow Mud

Riding in the rain is fun when it is an event, we will see how I feel about it in a week – Happy Friday

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Fenders On the Roadeo

There was a break in the weather we have been having on the coast, fog and mist, but rain is coming.  Yesterday I hit the LBS and they had 45m wide Planet Bike fenders that would fit my Roadeo, kind … Continue reading

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Rack Mount for Dinotte 140L Tail Light

While I have loved my DiNotte 140L tail light for a few years now it has been a mixed relationship due to the mounting.  If you are not familiar with these lights they are extremely bright AA powered LED lights with a … Continue reading

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Bikes in the Garage – Rawland dSogn

My Rawland dSogn has been one of the best value bikes I have ever put together.  I was able to pick up the frame and fork as a blem in the fall of 2009 and build it up almost completely from components I … Continue reading

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Wet Sunday Surf Check

I ended up putting the fenders back on the Rawland last night.  3 days in a row of wet misty mornings, with a week more due to come.  Yesterday saw th MS ride come through town and I was daydreaming … Continue reading

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