Coffee Outside

I woke up at my “regular” 4:30 AM for the first time since Daylight saving time started this year. That meant that #coffeeoutside could actually happen, and be break after a couple hours of work was on the clock.   A great way to kick off Spring

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7 Responses to Coffee Outside

  1. Geoff C says:

    I’d love to see more details on that bag! and I’m glad i’m drinking a fresh cuppa right now!

  2. mike says:

    Rob, what kind of filter stand is that or did you make it yourself?

    • Rob says:

      it is one I imported from Japan. I am very happy with it to say the least and still working on a way to source them here.

  3. Tony D says:

    That Looks like the right way to bring in the day… can’t wait for sustained mild er temp’s here on the East Coast so I can make it a regular thing. Potomac River not exactly the Pacific Ocean but I’ll manage!

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