Farmer’s Market Ride

The first one of the year.  Temps starting in the high 40’s with Santa Anna conditions starting up it started to move between 55 and 75 depending where you were along the coast.  Temperature fluctuations were the least of the drama though with a cross wind gusting to 35mph plus.  That said it was still great to get out and ride, and bring home some food for the week.

1.5  FM WP-11500641.5  FM WP-1040315 1.5  FM WP-1040316 1.5  FM WP-10403171.5  FM WP-1150087 1.5  FM WP-1150100Yes, the bag fits my two dozen eggs perfectly, pictures make it look perfect out, it was.  THe wind kept things exciting, and I have some more “handling in a cross wind” data added to the design journal.

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4 Responses to Farmer’s Market Ride

  1. Daniel says:

    Rob, do you think that you’ll be offering those bags for sale or are you still prototyping?

    • Daniel says:

      Oh and what are the dimensions? I really like the design and materials used and was impressed with the functionality when I did a test ride with you.

    • Rob says:

      I intend to get them to market soon, I need to confirm timelines with Martina before I launch anything though.

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