Wednesday Coffee

Today was cold, below 50, crystal clear and perfect light.  I put some miles on the new tires in the dark, then picked a spot with a pod of dolphins just offshore to set up and brew.

10.30 30 Coffee WP-114089310.30 30 Coffee WP-1030351 10.30 30 Coffee WP-1030356 10.30 30 Coffee WP-114089610.30 30 Coffee WP-1030363 10.30 30 Coffee WP-114091810.30 30 Coffee WP-114091710.30 30 Coffee WP-1030367 10.30 30 Coffee WP-114092510.30 30 Coffee WP-114092110.30 30 Coffee WP-1030396 10.30 30 Coffee WP-1030386

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4 Responses to Wednesday Coffee

  1. Eugene Smith says:

    Loving the light in this set.

  2. Seattle says:


    • Rob says:

      Cold is relative, I know. But the valley coming down the mountains towards our place on the coast keeps the morning temps in the high 40’s this time of year. That is why I hug the coast on my morning rides, the water at the high 50’s helps to keep things warm, sort of

  3. Mike Odesse says:

    I find a spot like yourself for coffee and early morning sunlight. It’s awesome. Gives you a moment to reflect on how like your life is.

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