Coffee Outside

This Wednesday’s ride had an added twist.  Last night when starting to get things together it became apparent that we were out of beans, and that makes coffee outside in the morning just a little harder.  With the weather turning to our Fall, I decided to get up a bit earlier and ride to pick up some beans, then brew up on the way back across town.  It turned out to be pretty darn nice, and extra 15 miles of riding, and refreshed heading into the day.

9.25 coffee WP-1030003 9.25 coffee WP-11405619.25 coffee WP-1030035 9.25 coffee WP-11405739.25 coffee WP-1030039 9.25 coffee WP-11405789.25 coffee WP-11405819.25 coffee WP-1030043 9.25 coffee WP-1140584It is easier than you think, more fun than any of your friends are likely having in the morning, and tastes better outside, really.

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  1. As always….amazing photos. I showed them to my Son and told him how cool I think it is that you regularly have coffee on the beach. I also told him that I’m going to have coffee with you on that beach one day.

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