Ramblers Going International

Today the first two Ramblers to be delivered internationally should be showing up at their new home in Japan.  I owe a giant thank you hug to everybody who helped me connect the dots to make this happened to Wakako at Blue Lug for seeing the value in our offerings for their market.


Photo by BlueLug on Flickr

I am so stoked to get this relationship going.  Martina at Swift, Paul Components and Katty Geekhouse all helped me make this happen, thank you.

This also means that I have sorted out the basic issues for international sales.  Over the last year I have had more than a bit of interest from other shores, and now I can get this part of the business going.  In a nut shell Ramblers can be shipped overseas at retail, freight will generally be handled via fedex and runs about $200 give or take depending on where you are in the world.  Import duties, taxes and fees are on the buyer.  If you are a shop looking to bring in multiple Rambler frame sets, as in the above mentioned transaction, contact me for a dealer agreement and we can get the ball rolling.  With regard to custom complete builds, I am still a bit buried, but can help get you there, it will just take a little more time.



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