Test Rides at The MOB Shop

8.10 MOB WP-1140313Starting this morning we will have Ramblers at The MOB Shop in Ojai, CA available for test rides over the coming week.  Right now there is a Size 51 Rambler ready to roll as a test vehicle for anybody interested.  This evening we will be heading over to partake in the Slow is Fast event promoting Dan Malloy’s book and movie release.  These events are always an awesome party with food, beverage and music.  I highly recommend bending the schedule to be there.  We will be bringing a size 57 and 63 for test rides tonight, and the 57 will be staying at the shop for at least a week.  We are looking forward to adding our friends at the MOB to our select list of retail outlets.

Hopefully we will meet some existing fans tonight and make some new ones.

8.10 MOB WP-1140310

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