Wednesday Coffee

Back home for a bit, and almost back on schedule, if that ever really happens.  Made it out  this morning for coffee outside.  Regularity and commitment keep things on track, for the most part.  For anybody aspiring to get out camping more, breaking down things into bite sized pieces can get you the taste of what you have been missing.  Brewing up a cup of coffee with you camp stove is dead simple, Fun and helps get the outdoor fix.

8.7 coffee WP-1020596 8.7 coffee WP-1140268 8.7 coffee WP-1140273 8.7 coffee WP-1140278 8.7 coffee WP-11402858.7 coffee WP-10206028.7 coffee WP-1020615Even though it was fogged in, the weather is warm, lots of fun to get out for 45 minutes or so, make some pictures, drink some coffee, check the surf and get in a little hill action on the Rambler.

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  1. Green occasional!? as a coffee authority, it’s like I actually have to convey it a attempt.

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