Second Wednesday

It was a busy weekend with family coming in for a visit, and fighting off another round of the cold/flu that has been assaulting our home this winter.  Although later than I would have liked, and not the first cup of the day, I took some time to get outdoors and make the second round by the beach.

2.20 coffee ride-1110369The day and a half of rain has passed through with some solid winds behind it.  I was able to find a twist in the coast with enough shelter from the wind to get everything working.  The mountains out back were dusted with snow, but there was no place out of the wind to  take in the view.  The beach was no slouch as a second choice, and the 30 minute break away from work was more than welcome.

2.20 coffee ride-1110374 2.20 coffee ride-1110377This week is already half gone and is showing no signs of slowing down.  A couple of small jobs in the stand, and a ton of prep to get done for the Seattle Bike Expo.  We will be there with a booth March 9-10.  We are looking forward to meeting a bunch of Seattle readers and fans, and exploring the town a bit after the show as well.  This will be a road trip with some stops in Portland and San Francisco on the way back.  If you are along the route of travel and would like to meet up, see a Rambler in person, and maybe head out for a ride drop me a line and we will work it into the schedule.

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