New Production Started

It has been a while coming, but the latest batch of Ramblers is into the fabrication phase. The forks started yesterday, and went into brazing today.

I am stoked to have Jonathon working on this batch, they guys at Zen are top-notch.  Thanks Dave for the update and pictures, and  thank you to the first five Rambler funders who have been waiting patiently for this to get under way.  There will be more pics as they come in.

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4 Responses to New Production Started

    • Tom Matchak says:

      Arghhh … Get that man some safety glasses (tinted or clear) !!!

      • Rob says:

        Tom, first off, I am flattered that you are reading my blog.

        I sort of agree, and almost pulled the post right after I clicked on Publish. Then after thinking about it, I fall in the pro choice group. For God’s sake I ride most days in sandals and no helmet. It is a huge step up from the decades of riding I did bare foot in Florida. I figure Jon could put glasses on if he wanted, then I looked really hard at the pic and saw the clear lenses on the table just under his left hand, he took them off for some reason, and the camera caught the moment he had them off, such is life.

    • Rob says:

      I will see your woop and double it!

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