Sales Calls

The whole Ocean Air Cycles project has been an organic progression.  I do have a plan, it distills down to making really great bikes that work, and sell as many as I can, and then sell a bunch more.  It is tilting more to the direction of partnering with brick and mortar shops as well as direct sales to get the bikes out into the world.  Today was my first shop visit.  I headed up to Ojai to visit an old friend and his Partners at the MOB Shop.  It was a great visit, all three owners took my 63 for a spin and came back with smiles.  Each noticed something different but consensus was universally favorable.  I am really stoked at the possibility of working with them.  I rode up, it was an incredible day, and I needed to get away from the keyboard.

The leaves are starting to fall, just a little chill in the air, but still doable in shorts.  The trip up took a bit longer then expected, so not as many pictures.  I will be heading up again next week, and plan on allocating a bit more time to snap some pictures then.  If any of you are contemplating a Rambler and live in Ojai, you should let these guys know soon, as in let’s get it done through Kickstarter.  They get “it” and would be stoked to put you on one, and I would love to run the builds through them.

The weather was so nice I decided to push the schedule a bit and take a different route home.

Blue skies and puffy clouds over the mountains.  I wish I had the time to get up there more, maybe in the spring.

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