Rambler Kickstarter is Live

The project went live last night, and we already have one backer for a frame set in the first few hours, Thank you!

Please help spread the news about the project.  The word of mouth distribution is the most powerful, blog, link, Facebook, throw it out there on the forums every little bit help to get the Ramblers out into the world.  I can not do this without your help.

The SF Expo is going great, I met some awesome people on the first day: vendors, promoters and bloggers.  Between the show and the KS project I could barely sleep, from all the energy building up, although I am sure that problem will start to ease off after today, first full open to the public day.  I am so grateful to the support of my family, friends offering us a place to stay, cousins coming up to help and all of you who have come out and been so stoked to see the Ramblers.  It is all of you that give me the energy to keep this going – Thank you!

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2 Responses to Rambler Kickstarter is Live

  1. James Stewart says:

    Kickstarter ad came out good. Hopefully the expo will net you some backers. Are you going to post a link on the iBob group?

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, the expo went really well, I am tired and catching up now, still one more day to go. I will be catching up on the lists tomorrow night early next week.

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