Rambler No.3 Glamor Shot

The current work space is pretty big, but I still have to rotate the functionality to one tasks at a time.  This week has been photo studio.  The cutting table gets cleared off, lights and back drops come out, and the product gets cycled through. Here is Rambler No.3 with the bars wrapped.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to have a hand in every aspect of this venture, including the photography.  Yes it keeps me pretty busy, but I love the work.  Next week, back to wrenching and sewing.

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2 Responses to Rambler No.3 Glamor Shot

  1. Errin says:

    Good to see the proportions of the smaller frame built up Rob. Those tires look amazing on it. Not so sure about the bar tape though.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks, I hear you on the tape’s aesthetics. Out of the box the thick and zesty is a bit loud and the striations are on the coarse side. It photographs much worse than it looks in person. After a month or more of use and things start to settle in, the tape softens up and the mixed brown tones soften as well. Aside from liking the feel, I find it will pull together the range of colors from black and brown to red. It is also fairly forgiving to wrapping, unwrapping and re-wrapping a few times while you are working things out.

      I have tried the cloth, and other tapes, but keep coming back to this. Maybe the thicker tape works since I do not wear gloves?

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