650b Conversion Kits

I am putting together the bits and pieces needed for a customer who wants to dip their toe in the 650b waters before diving in with a propose built frame set.

As always these projects require a bit of measuring and test fitting to get things just right.  In this case we were able to meet so that I could pull the required measurements myself from the bike to be converted.

The biggest part of the investment, the wheel set, is directly transferable to a Rambler he finds the waters to his liking. The 32mm tires would work fine, but I am sure that he would want to go fatter as the Rambler would allow.  The only thing that would end up in the parts bin is the Tektro brakes.

The knowledge and components needed to pull off a successful 650b conversion are scattered throughout the web.  What would you think of having that information in one place, as well as the needed components to pull it all off?  Rivendell used to have something like this, but does not appear to be a focus of theirs as much any more.  How about a kit price on a package like the one above?

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3 Responses to 650b Conversion Kits

  1. Tom says:

    I for one – think this would be a great idea. I am going to convert a 1983 Trek 630 to 650B wheel set. I think the kit would need options for different size tires. A fender options would be nice option as well.

  2. Lorne says:

    I’d love a kit like this for my 62cm Bridgestone RB-T! Have you worked out pricing?

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for your interest, there was a pretty low demand for “kit” pricing. I can put together a package for your specific needs with a quote. I will contact you through your email with some more specific questions to put the kit together.

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