T-Shirt Feedback

I am working through an order for my first run of t-shirts and the options are a bit overwhelming for something that should be so simple.  I know what I want to do for the art, first round of shirts will be a simple 5″ square logo on the chest.  The Dark blue area will be replaced with the color of the shirt and the text or line art will be in a contrasting color.

The next step is where things get to be a bit much.  I know what I like, but that is not always what others do.  Then there are all the social, environmental and stylistic issues that play into the mix; i.e. organic, made in the U.S.A., fit color etc.  It seems you can get one of the three, sometimes two, but never the whole thing.

I am leaning towards the US made Royal and Navy options or the non US made version in Gold this one gets some of the high viability gains for actual riding without being, ….. well kind of gross the way some yellows can be if you know what I mean.  There is more in the works, but some thoughts and feedback would be appreciated.

I want to give you what you want!

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10 Responses to T-Shirt Feedback

  1. Mike says:

    Cant wait to pick one of these up! I would lean more towards the way the shirt is going to function and feel than what it is necessarily made out of and where its from. I think it will be a nice simple shirt to help spread the word. See ya soon.

    • Rob says:

      The anvil shirts I am looking at are all 10% cotton and have a nice cut, just a little longer than average, but not too slim. The length is good for keeping things covered when you are on the bike.

  2. Chris Wilson says:

    Made in the USA sweetens the deal! I’ll buy one for sure.

  3. Jamie Stewart says:

    I like the Navy Anvil. Is the lettering going to be gold?

    • Rob says:

      If I go with the gold ink, gold like the gold t-shirt, I can mix it up with the shirt colors, royal, navy, red, green etc. I am leaning tat way a bit more at the moment. I need to get the order in in the morning.

  4. Steve says:

    I actually like the navy with gold text. I’d take one.

    • Jamie Stewart says:


      • Rob says:

        Order placed today for the US made Navy and red with gold logo. If I get everything done I hope to, they should be up on the new to come storefront this weekend – Now to get back to that

  5. Michael_S says:

    I guess I’m too late with feedback. I only buy the slim fit tee’s anymore. My fav is American Apparel tee’s, Soft feel after many washing’s and US made.

    • Rob says:

      Never too late. There will be more shirts coming, and the AI shirts will likely be the second round. The US made shirts are a little heavier then what seems to be popular at the moment, but I for one still like my traditional weigh tshirts. The AI and a couple other vendors have lighter, 4.5 oz/yd as opposes to 5.1 oz/yd, weight shirts that might be better for summer. That said, all the shirts I am finding are cut longer than they seemed to be a couple of years ago, by an inch or more. In my case if I size down from an XL to a L in this first round of shirts, it would be an longer, and 2 inches slimmer than what I have been wearing for years now.

      Through this process I have learned that tshirs are even more personal than saddles when it comes to trying to pick a crowd pleaser.

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