Headbadge Draft

Merry Christmas, have fun and play outside!!!

…………then back to work next week

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6 Responses to Headbadge Draft

  1. cbleslie says:

    What no seagulls?

  2. Edward Scoble says:

    That look very much like the headbadge I found in the UK called Golden Gate, Sacramento, shall I take a quick snap?

    • Rob says:

      I would love to see a pic of the head badge you mention. I did my fair share of historical research, both vintage and modern, with respect to the existing badges out there. The draft above pulls from my favorite elements while incorporating the view heading back down from our local mountains to the coast. As far as I knew the design should be an original, but things are often not as revolutionary as the seem.

  3. Edward Scoble says:

    Turn out it’s not similar at all, just got the same sea/sunset backdrop but that’s about it, netherless I’m sure you’d like to see it anyway to see more old badges from framebuilder in CA;


    The bike jumble here in England does have everything, even rarity from the states!


    • Rob says:

      thanks for the link. The image looks like San Francisco harbor, i.e. golden gate. And yes bike jumbles are the business for finding everything and more than you were ever looking for.

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