Last Minute Shopping

I know there is still almost a week left, but travel constraints are moving the deadline up a bit.  I headed out on the Xtracycle, knowing that this was going to be a big haul.  In a perfect storm of logistics failure we ran out of all sorts of household stuff the week before Christmas.  One could not ask for a better day to head out and ride.

Crisp, cool and clear with just a light breeze.  Traffic was not too bad yet, but the stores were jammed.  Appropriate transportation choices ensured that parking was a cinch.

I am still always surprised that my bike is lonely at the racks.  This shopping center is even graced with the local Trek store, but being on a bike still seems to shock the average shopper.  All in all, just a nice day to get out and run some errands, while gliding through the seasonal mayhem on two wheels.

Parting shot, I wonder if the baby is still available?  While only a few days past “almost new” it could be a deal at this point with a little shop wear 😉

Happy Holidays (in case this is my last post for a bit), have fun and play outside!!!

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2 Responses to Last Minute Shopping

  1. Pam says:

    Hi! Congratulations on commuting/shopping! I think I saw you coming down Harbor Monday morning as I drove (:() to work. Yes, I’m a fan of your blog and trying to get psyched to bike commute. I live about 12 miles each way (from Ventura to Port Hueneme).

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    • Rob says:

      sorry it took me almost a month to get back to you, I am still digging out from the holiday weeks. I hope the new year and dry weather has found you riding to work. A few years back I was riding across town, from Ventura to the office towers in Oxnard. The distance was about the same as yours. It was a wonderful start and cap to the day to be riding into the sun. If you need any encouragement or advice feel free to drop me a line.

      Also, when you see me out there in the wild feel free to stop me and say hi if the moment works for you

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