Grocery Escape

Broke away from the workshop today to make a quick cross town grocery ride.  The winter, read freezing, santa ana winds we have been having finally stopped for a day.  It was a perfect time to get outside.  Not a cloud in the sky, and clear views out to the islands. 


I recently pulled the front bag off of the Roadeo fo ra couple of reasons.  I did not make it, and that complicates the answer when people ask where I got the bags.  And secondly, coming back to this bike after riding the Trek with a low trail front end geometry I wanted to more accurately be able to assess the effects of load placement on handling.  I am still able to haul a decent amount of stuff with the roadeo before things start to get too flexy,

the biggest problem I experience with this load it flex in the saddle behind the clamp due to the attachment of the bagman support.  One should expect a little give over bumps and such with an extra 30 lbs or so cantilevered out there.  Bottom line, it get the job done, but I actually prefer the handling of the Trek with the load in the front.  

And last, a little humor at the intersection.

Town has stayed pretty bikey this winter, every year I see more and more people out, maybe this is a sign that things are making the shift towards “cool”

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