Christmas Tree Ride

This morning was the perfect day to go hunt for a tree.  The morning low was in the 30’s and it actually felt like winter.  By the time we had breakfast and loaded up the bikes it was a little warmer out, but still pretty cold by California beach standards.  There seems to be an abundance of tree yards this year, and I was able to work out a fun route for a family ride, with little or no traffic. 

The ride to the lot was balmy, but the hills helped keep things warm, and the views were incredible now that the last week’s wind and dust had settled down.

With the mission half accomplished, Aly decided that the new family ride to get a tree tradition, should include hot chocolate, and who could argue with that.

From there we headed home to unload the tree.

The day was staying nice, the wind never really came up the way it does in the afternoon here.  I set up the tree, switched bikes and headed back across town to run some errands and grab a load of food at the Farmer’s Market.

I can only imagine how nice it must have been up in the mountains today, this weather is about as good as it gets.

The legs are feeling pretty spent at this point, rest and picture break is over and time to hit the kitchen.  Thanks for taking a look and I hope it was this much fun getting your tree this year.

On a side note I finally am coming around to the Facebook thing, still feels a bit funny for some reason, but it is pretty easy to find my, Ocean Air Cycles page and I hope that it makes it a bit easier to follow me here if that is the way you like to keep up on and share things with your friends.


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4 Responses to Christmas Tree Ride

  1. GA says:

    What a fab Sunday, Rob!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks – It was fantastic, I hope you had time ot get out on you pair of wheels too.

      • Aunt Ronnie says:

        Hi Rob: Great pictures, lot of fun, beautiful baby. Hope to see you next year. lovya P.S. Don’t forget the note cards. Inexpensive, if you are interested I’ll send you the info. I’ll send you one of my cards of my painting. lovyall

        • Rob says:

          Thanks, I would love ot see one of your cards, make it the christmas card an kill two birds with one stone. I should have had them ready for this year, but have a few to many irons in the fire at times.

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