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Today was another fantastic day to be out on the bike gathering the groceries for the week

ide blue skies to the east with the fog looming just offshore behind me.  THe high sweeping clouds made the blue skies pop, this one made me think of the swallows that will be heading back south pretty soon.

Enough day dreaming, and time for the business end of the trip.  Two stops totaling, 1 gal milk, 1 gallon Tangerine Juice, 3 quarts yogurt, boxes of cereal and crackers, more juice, bananas, and some how squeezing the camera gear back in the bags.  One trick I use is to take the bags of stuff out of the boxes, getting every little bit I can out of the hauling capacity.

Fully loaded with over 30 lbs of stuff I decided to head uphill to push the bike and myself a bit.  The handling climbing up was very precise, not slow speed wobbles all over the road, even mashing a 36/30 low gear.  The views were fantastic once above the fog, the bank looming just off the beach, with the channel islands poking out the top miles away.  This shot diving into one of my favorite turns captured it best.


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