More Famouser

Baby steps, but wishing they were big kid steps.  I have my first picture published in a paper magazine this month.  Momentum  used one of my pictures from Flickr in their reader pics section.  I was hoping it was going to be a little bigger, but I will take it where I can get it.

Also, I decided to enter some pictures in the county fair this year.  I had a bit of time and figured it would be a good learning experience.  It was exactly that.  I had fun working through the process, the price was right, $0, and learned enough to be better prepared for next year as well as any other opportunity to show my prints.  Competition is usually pretty high as we have a large amature photo contingent in the area as well as Brooks Institute right up the road.  Out of 7 entries I was able to pull one honorable mention ribbon

Major lesson learned was to not let it go untill the last-minute, next year’s entries will be better presented for sure.

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  1. Congratulations….your pictures are so deserving of being in a whole lot more magazines. I really like Momentum and it’s great to see your picture in there.


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