Reaching Out – PC Down – Updated

It has been a crazy week or so, two birthdays (one mine),Family visiting from Philly, one new frame bag out the door, the county fair started a block away this morning and probably more if I really put my mind to it.  I thought I would catch up with a post today but fate has been otherwise.

I post-process my RAW photo files in Adobe Lightroom, and have been really happy with it for the most part.  The downside was the toll it was taking on my 2-year-old PC laptop, it actually would get hot enough to keep my coffee warm.  Today it took its final swing while I was in the kitchen cooking lunch.  With everything in the oven and the little girl down for her nap I went back to find my computer out.  Nothing, power off, cold and lifeless with no response to my prodding.

I am working off of my wife’s iMac at the moment and not finding it all that bad after decades of being a PC guy.  It looks like I am in the market for something new, unless the dissection of the laptop ends well in the next day or two .

Any input from the mac owners out there on how to find the best value when hunting down a mac is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE – While I am still thinking about an apple, I appear to be back up and running at the moment.  I am not sure what actually fixed it though.  After repeated unplugging, battery removals etc. with no luck I headed down to the work bench.  Pulled the top off to see what I may have melted, all looked good at first glance, blew some dust out looked for loose wires, put it all back together and it started up, slow but started.  Kind of like when you could fix an Atari by blowing on the cartridge.   Another re-boot and things are running as well as before.  While happy that I am up and running again, it does not leave me feeling warm and fuzzy, time to increase backup frequency and save some pennies for a new machine.

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  1. cbleslie says:

    Well if your willing to make a switch to Linux. I have a PC I could give you (desktop). You could work from raw studio, as that’s the Linux interpretation of Lightroom.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the quick and generous offer, I am still sussing out my options, kind of in shock really, as it has only been a couple of hours. I will get back to you in a day or two when I have a better sense of the direction this will be leading me.

      • cbleslie says:

        Cool. Le’me know via email (I assume it’s exposed to the administrator account of the blog) if you want it or not (As I may not monitor this post). I’m in LA, I would be happy to drop it off on my way up to Santa Barbara, where I visit frequently.

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