Farmer’s Market Detours

I was on my way to get the vegetables when I decided to pull into McGrath State Park and explore some of the trails along the south side of the Santa Clara

The winter rains have kept things flowing, the estuary is drained out a bit and everything nearby is green and blooming.

Explored some of the trails through the canopy

Then back to the mission at hand, well stocked for the week and heading home.

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5 Responses to Farmer’s Market Detours

  1. Errin says:

    I’ve looked at camping at McGrath. Is it open again? We were up there recently but it was closed.

    • Rob says:

      I will ask what the schedule is next time I am over there, should be soon. They seem to close for part of the winter as the campground has a tendancy to flood in the rainy season. The park was pretty much empty while I was there, and it could be a good time to camp. It gets packed in the summer.

  2. Errin says:

    I just saw something about McGrath being closed due to a sewage problem. Did you see that?

    • Rob says:

      I have not made it back over there yet. Probably going to be another week yet as this is going to be a road trip weekend. I will ask arond though, it has definatly been open for day use as the gate is not locked when I am driving past.

    • Rob says:

      I stopped to talk with the ranger today at lunch. They are open and fairly crowded at one end of the park, the north side was empty though. She said they will be closed for a bit in Septembe rfor sewer repairs.

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