Canada Larga Road – Spoiled?

I will admit we are pretty spoiled here with the mountains and ocean back to back. Topping it off you can get into open ranch country just a few miles out-of-town. This morning I made the quick ride out to Canada Larga Rd. Only 7 miles from the house and I can be on empty country roads,

Right after this shot a coyote crossed the road, by the time had grabbed my other camera it had joined the rest of the pack on the hill,

Then the climbing begins, nothing terrible, but fun steady rollers perfect for a quick workout.

This is an amazing natural resource made accessible by a county road.  Paving conditions are terrible, but the views make up for it, it is also a good reason to ride fatter tires.

Access extends back almost 4 miles.  The region is very popular with birders, as many uncommon species migrate and nest here.  I have been privileged on more than one chilly morning to see pairs of raptors hunting.  Time was tight this morning and I only made it a couple of miles back before turning around.

Then the payoff for the climbing begins, spinning 50×13 the whole way back to the river trail.

While open and somewhat wild for the moment, this land is becoming an economic and environmental battle ground.  The valley and over 800 acres of land that is currently part of the  County of Ventura is possibly going to be annexed into the city and re-zoned for the development of mini mansions (equestrian ranches and executive homes).  The most recent vote by the city council pushed this out further, spending more money to determine if this makes any sence.  Bringing this region into the city will incur the burden of police and fire protection as well as all other city services.  It is sad to see the city bowing to the allure of quick money, hopefully common sense will prevail.  You can read more  about the last council meeting here, Ventua Hillside Preservation Blog.

I hope that by sharing my pictures and video to expose the natural beauty of the valley that it may help in bringing attention to the preservation of one of this regions more butifal and accessible open areas.

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  1. Jerry Somdahl says:

    Your blog continues to show me roads I haven’t traveled. I’ve ridden by Canada Larga probably 50 times and, in my teens, lived about a mile away but I have never been up it. Next time I do the loop I think I’ll take a ride up. Thanks!

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