Morning Light

how to capture the subtle things that make the morning rides so special?  Even when cruising at a decent speed there is so much going on that I would like to capture with the camera, but often the moments are fleeting and the light, angle, or subject changes before there is even a chance to grab the camera.

Time in the workable light is precious this part of the year, I only have the mornings to ride, and shooting from the moving bike allows me to cover more ground.  I feel that the bicycle allows a balance of speed with a slow enough pace that the eyes and mind can still capture the subtleties of the open spaces we inhabit.  I see birds, pelicans surfing, deer, rabbits, otter and the list of Fauna could go on and on.  All this while the sun starts its daily dance with the morning air.

Today I was able to see and capture the images of dolphins surfing.

It is amazing to see other animals plying for the sake of playing, there is probably something we should all be learning from them.

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