Market Ride in the Rain

Another cold and rainy Sunday Farmer’s Market day.  Rain means the wife and baby are leaving it for me, and this is a good thing since I have permission to play in the rain now!

The Santa Clara river had opened up pretty wide to the ocean by this point and the estuary has been draining out to sea.  Lots of sand making its way from the mountains to the beach.

Thank God the vendors showed up in the rain, not a huge turnout, but my regular growers were there and no crowd, go figure

It was nice having a short break in the rain to load up the produce.  That all changed about a third of the way home when the rain was coming in almost horizontal.  Bonus points for riding faster so you can catch more drops with your tongue. 

I am really liking my GoPro® Helmet HERO™ Wide Camera.  Today was the first test drive in the rain, Very nice being able to take shots and not have to worry about getting my GF1 wet.  I have been playing around with hand-held shots and different capture modes.  The biggest hurdle now is dealing with the water spots.  By the time I figure that out the rain will stop for another year.

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  1. James Black says:

    I got lucky and got a short ride in this morning before the rain started coming down.

    I’m digging the fisheye wide angles – it really puts you in the context of the landscape.

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