New Years Eave Morning

Back out to the canyons on what was a bit colder than I expected morning.  Temps at home were around 37, but out in the fields and back in the canyons there was frost.  The wool worked and the wind breaker never came off.  The only things that suffered were my feet, next time I will pack some extra socks. 

The star of the show today is my new GoPro® Helmet HERO™ Wide Camera. In my quest to better capture the rider point of view on my cycling adventures, I opted into one of these little power packs.  The angle of view is about 170 deg and grabs a far wider line of sight than the lenses I currently have for my other cameras.  Out of  the box impression is really good.  I want to use it a bit more to form a better review later next week.  The two biggest plus points are the wide-angle and waterproof for the rain.  The only downside so far is the signal to noise ratio, using the camera for still captures there are a lot of throw aways while the camera is running on autopilot strapped to your helmet.  So here are today’s light grabs.

Looking back towards Point Mugu

Frigid and frosty in Wheeler Canyon, I was not really prepared for this and my feet are still a bit chilly..

I still am amazed at times how many miles of near empty back roads there are.  It is particularly nice when they are freshly re-paved…

Island views for the ride home, crystal clear weather before the next storm

Have a fun and safe New Year, enjoy the weekend and get outside.

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  1. SFF says:

    Intro to the book “Death on the Barrens”:
    “The majority of us live our lives in relative psychological security, choosing to graze in the center of the pastures of the human asylum. We leave it to the genuine artists and individuals to explore the unseen and less traveled edges of our enclosure for us.” – George Luste
    Explore more in 2011…

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