Chilly Morning

With the rain, impending Holiday, anniversary and getting the prototyping thing moving forward it has been a bit harder to squeeze in my mileage this week.  Today was a beautiful day, but do not let the pictures fool you, it was about 38deg when I left the house.The sun just starting to come up, and the harvest moon getting ready to go down. 

I was testing out my layering system for my Black Friday ride plans.  We will be up in Atascadero visiting family, and while up there, try to squeeze in a variation of the Pozo loop that ends up being 50 or 60 miles.  Part of squeezing this in usually involves leaving in the dark so am home by lunch.  This year I was looking at the maps and want to detour out on the Rinconada trail and back down Hi Mountain Road.  This may depend on the amount of rain that falls tonight, as the trails will need time to dry out a bit, and there may be a couple of water crossings that will have water in them now.  really want to make this work, and it will potentially make for some great photos.

I LOVE living here.

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