Joby Gorillapod

I used to lug around a “lightweight” full size tripod.  With creative use of bungee chords I could get it into a Caradice Nelson, but even then it was dicey on the trails.  And then it hit me that I had the Gorillapod in the tool kit, why was I not using it more.  One small bungee and I was in action.

I have the medium SLR sold as a kit by B&H with the small sunpak ballhead.  It is quick, easy and light – I love it.  While not as tall as the full size the added versatility is huge.  There are somethings a regular tripod just cannot do.

Also, much like the smaller size of my Micro 4/3 camera kit, I use it more because it is easier to carry and therefore with me.

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  1. erik says:

    i use the tiny one with my ricoh. for dslr, sometimes I haul out my landscape tripod–otherwise it’s all handheld for now. I broke my SLR capable joby earlier this year, and do miss it. Nice blog, by the way.

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