Twilight Tour de Pomegranate

Some of you may remember my love of riding for wild or semi wild foods from my Walnut Ride.  Time to enjoy the dry weather and the morning chill, and ride for the pomegranates I had seen a few weeks ago.  No laws were broken and the trees are on public easement.  Living in an area surrounded by agriculture it would be all to easy to just grab fruit from the end row of the farms and orchards, but that would kind of defeat the point, and I am pretty sure it is stealing.  These particular trees are on the fence line of land grabbed by the water district when they built the Casitas damn.  Many ranchers and homeowners lost land to eminent domain with this one, and there are quite a bit of interesting things tucked into the corners of this area without having to jump the fences lined with “No Trespassing” signs.  This morning it was a truncated version of a favorite loop to get the quarry and make it home in time for baby duty.  Having fresh fruit keeps you out of trouble when you are a little late. 

I am looking forward to daylight savings time coming to an end, a little more morning light for a bit. 

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