Bikes in the Garage – Rivendell Roadeo

My default gofast bike is my Rivendell Roadeo.  The frame and fork are from Rivendell Bicycle Works. 

Handle bar: Nitto RM013 Riv Dirt Drop
Levers: Tektro
Shifters: Suntour Barcon NOS
Cables/Housing: Jagwire Titanium Finish
Stem: Nitto Technomic Delux
Tape: Soma Thick and Zesty
Bell: Crane Brass (needs to go back on)
Headset: Stronglight A9
Brakes: Shimano Ultrega BR-B600 (KoolStop Shoes)
Seatpost: Vintage Shimano Dura Ace 
Saddle: Brooks B-17 / Berthoud Touring 
Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood 103
Crankset: Ritchey Logic Compact 
Pedals: Sakae Low Fats (I have wide Feet)
Tires: Jack Brown Green
Rims: Mavic A117
Hubs: Phil Wood Rivy Freewheel
Freewheel: IRD 6sp 13-28
Bags: Acorn Saddle and Handlebar bag

Parts were a mix of deal hunting, stuff I had and some new from Rivendell.  Some of you might even recognise stuff you sold me.  I ride this bike for near everything short of technical single track and loads of stuff greater than 15lbs.  After almost a year of riding I still love this bike.  It has more than served its purpose and there is little I would change. 

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2 Responses to Bikes in the Garage – Rivendell Roadeo

  1. Fantastic pictures of your Roadeo! And you got it a year ago? I didn’t realise it’s been out that long, unless yours is a prototype. I’d love a more detailed review, including how this one feels compared to other Riv bikes, if you’ve tried those as well.

    • admin says:

      Thanks fo rthe compliment on the pictures. I think I could have been classified as an early adopter as I placed my order very shortly after they were announced, and mine came in with the first or second batch. In fact Waterford turned them arounfd so faast I think Rivendell was suprised, thankfully I had put the full bill’s worth of cash aside. I likely could have had it sooner, but they sent it our to have the quikchainger added. Unfortunately it is my only rivendell, therefor my basis of comparison is Surly, Rawland and my Eisentraut, and 20 years of all sorts of moiuntain bikes and a little vintage steel touring thrown in. I will put together a writeup on impressions and ride qualities in the next couple of weeks.

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