All of the products reviewed and described here are bought and paid for, as of yet I have not been lucky or cunning enough to get free stuff to review.  When a product is supplied by the manufacturer or seller it will be noted in the review as required by the Federal Trade Commission

My reviews are just me sharing something I like, for now it will be all things I would use myself and be willing to recommend to a friend.

Also of note, my lovely wife works for Patagonia We do not get much if anything for free, discounts yes, but that stuff is bought and paid for too. I was a customer for over ten years before I met her, and yes it is really nice stuff that you will likely see in pictures and documentary here.

Ocean Air Cycles does not receive compensation in return for favorable reviews.

1.1.2011 – I have started working with affiliate advertisements on the site today in an attempt to get some cash flow moving with this venture.  Yes it helps if you click and buy things, that is part of how the world now works, thank you for your help.  As stated above, if you see a review it still means I bought the object in question unless otherwise stated.  I do not want to run random ads, nor will I be running ads for things I would not or do not already use.  If I feel it is worth owning you may see an ad here.

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