What You Get

The basic Rambler package consists of the hand made 4130 steel frame and fork with Paul Racer Brakes mounted on brazed on bosses.  You have choice of color: Sunflower Yellow, American Blue and Bexly Red.  More details about the bike are located in the Specification and Sizing page. Pricing for the fame, fork and brakes will be $1799 + shipping and handling +  sales tax as appropriate.

The frame set can be built up as a traditional road bike with drop bars or in the with upright bars as a city or porteur style.  I will be offering a variety of components as well as build kits i the coming months.  Complete bicycle will range in price from $3700 for the budget build to, well as with all bikes the sky is the limit, but a well outfitted bike with dynamo lights and a heavy bent towards American made components will run around $4600 built out


4 Responses to What You Get

  1. Max Beach says:

    what is the head tube length for the 61 cm frame?

  2. SHINICHI moriyama says:

    Hello, Robert.
    My name is Shinichi Moriyama.
    I live in Saitama, Japan.
    I love bicycles. In addition, I love the bicycle which you make and examine the purchase. The bicycle is Rambler of the ocean air cycle. Because height is 166 centimeters, I think it whether it is good at 51 size. By the way, the color of the frame of what color may I purchase it now whether is in stock? I suffer how much again in the days, and, including a bicycle and the postage, how should paying it do how long you will suffer if I can purchase it?
    Sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact me.

    Shinichi Moriyama

    • Rob says:

      Shinichi, thank you (arigato) for the interest in the Ramblers. Blue Lug is a dealer and they may have frames in stock that you can see. We have new production on the way with them for summer too. I know Kono at their main shop rides his Rambler all the time to work. Let me know if they can help you, and I hope you get the Rambler of your dreams

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