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Have you been looking to get a bike that bridges transportation and sport?  Transportation does not  have to be a mini van, you can still have a sporty ride with great handling and a modest load.  You like bikes that have a traditional look and styling.  Possibly a preference for traditional french styling from the 40′s and 50′s, with your daily load up front where you can keep an eye on it and get to it without climbing off the bike.  Your previous attempts at this with the commonly available bikes may have left you with a less than optimal handling experience.  Either a bike that was heavier than it needed to be, if it was a light weight had no provisions to carry the load on the bike or if it did the handling was compromised when loaded.

With years of personal research and design study I have addressed these issues with the Rambler, a bike steeped in the lineage of the traditional french touring bikes.  Using modern production techniques and partnering with a U.S. fabrication team to  deliver the look and function you are after with a few bells and whistles thrown in.  The ride will be light and sporty, yet stable with loads for you commute, day rides or the occasional quick load of groceries up front.  It goes without saying there will be provisions for full coverage fenders to keep you and the bike clean during year round riding.  This is the bike you will want for rambles through the countryside, distance rides and randonees, and still able to be your daily steed.  All of this at a price that is competitive in the current market.

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