Docena Presale for 2015

We are kicking off the new year with the presale of the first batch of the Docena Demi-Porteur bags.  These are a collaborative project that we developed with Swift Industries last year, and you can read up on all of the design details HERE.  This has been my one and only bar bag for over a year now, and I am stoked that feedback on the first 24 that we sold last year are all finding love and use from their owners.

1.6 Doceana burst 15-1This round of bags will start production in about two weeks and we are projecting for a Late February delivery.  Pricing is still holding at 2014 levels, $250 gray with color trim, $260 for multi cam and $275 for the Harlequin (My Favorite)

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There will be four production runs of 12 bags each in 2015.  They are all made to order based on pre-sale quantities.  In general we sell through in about 3 days, although I expect that will get shorter as word gets out.  The faster we sell through 12, the faster they are ready.  Each presale will start approximately a month after the previous delivery.  These will be late winter, next will be spring, early summer and then the final round as Thanksgiving approaches.

1.6 Doceana 15-1 1.6 Doceana 15-2 1.6 Doceana 15-31.6 docena y-11.6 Doceana 15-4

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2 Responses to Docena Presale for 2015

  1. ryan says:

    Hi, I’ve got a couple questions that others might like to know too. I’m wondering if the multi cam is the same XPac material as the other bags? I don’t see the cross weave in the photos (like the grey and harlequin bags). Weight isn’t a huge concern for me, but I like the case you’ve built for using XPac. IF multi cam isn’t XPac, what is the weight comparison between the two?

    Also, can you ballpark a pre-order date for the 2nd run this year?


    • Rob says:

      The Multi Cam is a Dimension Polyant fabric in the X-Pac family. THe gray is VX21, the Multi Cam is VX33. The gray has an outer pack cloth face, cross weave, mylar center and light pack cloth inner face. The Multi cam has a slightly heavier outer face cloth, the cross weave and in inner mylar layer. It ends up being about the same weight per sq yd, just as durable, and has a slightly nicer hand or feel.

      Ballpark for the next round is end of April Early May

      THanks for the interest

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