Andrews King Cages In the Store

I have used a ton of different cages over the years at all price points.  for years now there is only one cage that we prefer, use and now sell.

10.1 King cages b-1 10.1 King cages-1Andrews King cages are made in Colorado from tubular 304 stainless.  They do everything a cage is supposed to do: hold your bottles, not let go unless you are pulling it out the top, easy to get the bottle back in etc.  They do two different shapes, the standard King cage and the Iris.  The standard King cage is based on traditional designs and just works better than anything else we have tried when using standard bidons (water bottles).  The stainless steel will not markup the bottle either.

10.1 King White-1The Iris is unique in the bottle cage world.  formed from the same 304 stainless it has all the basic properties of the standard.  The shape holds as tightly too, but there is no inwardly bent upper tab.  The in turn works much better, and rattle free, with many of the metal bottles like the Klean Canteen.  his one will scuff up the metal bottles a bit, but IMO is a fair price to pay for not rattling

10.1 King White-2We love and use then both on our Rambler builds.  As an introductory bonus for adding them to our lineup of offerings you can use coupon code OCEANKING to shave $2 off each cage until current stock runs out or tomorrow night, whichever comes first.

10.1 King cages b-2


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  1. Brian Sims says:

    I just installed two regular King cages on one bike to replace two good looking Al Salsa cages that marked up bottles to heck and a single Iris on my city bike. I agree King cages are king!

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