Coffee Outside

This morning was fantastic for a quick ride to the beach to brew up a cup.  Our regular summer weather is filling in, which means alternating days of fog and clear.  Every time I get out and do this, then look at the pictures, I am reminded of why we work so hard to live here.

A word about the product placement in the pictures.  All of the gear, clothing and stuff in the pictures are things that I use weekly or daily.  Some of it we sell: Caldera cone stoves, Farm and Field Knives, Rambler, Bandanas, LTD Edition Caps etc..  Selling this stuff is what affords the ability to make these mornings happen, and we are grateful for your purchases and support.  Some of the gear I buy just to use.  Both the knickers and shirt in this ride are from SWRVE, and are top notch products that I will sell some day when we grow to a retail location.  Choosing to support small innovative business will often get you better products as well as help keep the local economies rolling.  My purchases are all heavily based on a bias for value and craft, consider what you see as recommendations.  If you ever have a question about something you see and like, do not hesitate to ask for more info.

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  1. Brian Sims says:

    I dig the new wire pour over. Who makes that sucker? My guess is it doesn’t suffer from possible collapse like your previous silicone version.

  2. I never can get enough of your coffee ride posts. You should video it one time so we can hear the sounds and get a better feel of how peaceful they must be.

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