Blemish Rambler Sale

Update, Both Bikes Have sold – Thanks!

We have two Rambler blemish frame sets that are on the storefront at what I think is a smoking deal.  $1049 with free US Shipping until November 1, 2013.

In all mechanical ways these are the same as our first quality Ramblers.  They have a couple of blemishes in the Powder Coat that made it through the QC system.  While I could go through the work of sending them back through, I thought I would offer them up at our cost to get otherwise perfectly good bikes out into the wild.

The True Red 55 has complete coverage of powder.  One of the challenges with the clear top coat has been the pigment layer pulling back at sharp edges.  The clear provides the needed coating, and there is no bare metal exposed to the elements.  The look for lack of a better word is antiqued.  The pictures tell the story.

The Orange Soda 63 has the similar issue with pulling back of the color layer, though not as prominent as the True Red.  In addition there are two small spots where there was either a spec of dirt or un-sanded nub on the steel, resulting in a raised bump/protrusion in the coating.  The flaws are about the size of a mechanical pencil lead.  They can be touched up with clear nail polish, and will not impair the performance of the frame.

Both bikes include the Paul Racer Brakes, and are being sold as is.

This is a heck of a deal IMO.  If you wanted you could even get the farm chemical stripped and wet painted and still come out under the cost of our current Ramblers.

10.24 blems WP-1140753 10.24 blems WP-1140755 10.24 blems WP-1140756 10.24 blems WP-1140757 10.24 blems WP-1140760 10.24 blems WP-1140761 10.24 blems WP-1140763 10.24 blems WP-1140765

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  1. Michael Mann says:

    That was quick. Saved me the trouble of figuring out how to swing a second Rambler/porteur 😉 Congrats on the sale!

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