Sunday Plus

I made the regular Farmer’s Market ride, weather was awesome, warm but awesome,  That is what summer is all about.  Lots of people out on bikes, actual bike traffic at times.

6.30 FM-1020265The ride home was going well, the hills were enticing, and I had a little extra time.

6.30 FM-1020276July is going to be a crazy month.  There is a ton going on, between the Ramblers moving from production to paint, and then to new owners, family trips, and a long list of other projects.  I also have some friends starting up a brand, Upness, you can guess what it is about.  They are launching in July, and guess what, it was the tipping point for me to get out of the flatness and up into the hills.

6.30 FM-1020299It seemed like a great idea back on the coast with the sea breeze and all.  The Coastal breeze was not doing squat in the canyons today, and I was able to get a taste of the heat that has been going on inland.  With some sheltered areas from the breeze the temps were 10-15 degrees hotter than just around the corner.  The work was worth the reward though.

6.30 FM-1020317The last two fog free days have been pretty darn nice,  have we beat the June gloom for the year?

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  1. monomorpher says:

    Nice weather! Great pictures! And yes, Rambler is rocking!

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