Thanks Patagonia

Yesterday was the Bike to Work Week party over at my neighbor down the street, Patagonia. (yes we all know it is a month later than the rest of the party here n the states, long story)

6.20 BTWW Party-1020074I was able to make some new connections and show off the Ramblers in a slightly more formal way than locking them up when we are over there for work, meetings or picking up the munchikin.  A huge thank you to my wife, who works there, for keeping me connected with all of the other incredible volunteers who make the BTWW happen over there.  They throw a ton of events together throughout the week, and I am honored to be included in it all as an outside company.

Thank you everybody who made this happen, all the folks that stopped by to see the bikes, and I am looking forward to next year

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