Grocery Trials

It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.  Testing on the Rambler continues daily.  The Rambler is my dream bike.  I am the designer, engineer and lead test pilot.  From every day stuff, distance rides to hauling loads of groceries up and down 10+% grades, I have and continue to do this.  For well over a year now Rambler No.1 has served me well.

4.4 Grocery Trials-1120435When you buy into a Rambler or any of the components and accessories that I recommend, you can be assured they are the real deal.  They are all things that I want, use and test myself to make sure they are up to the rigors of every day transportational riding and all road touring.  My goal is to cut through the junk, offer you the gear that you need to get out there, with the confidence that it will work with you, as part of you and never let you down.

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