Wallet Giveaway

It has been a busy and energizing trip up and down the coat to Seattle and now back to Oakland, with a few days left to go.  I will start digesting a full report once I get home.  At the Seattle Expo we had a drawing going for one of our leather single pocket Makr wallets, and the lucky winner appears to be Kevin O…, I sent email and waiting to hear back on confirmation.  These wallets are heading out as fast as I can make them, a good sign.

3.17 Wallet-1120027This whole trip has been incredible, so many positive people, tons of interest, laying the groundwork for retail placement of the Ramblers. It is going to take me at least a week to recover and tell the story in bite sized chunks.  Until then, get out and ride!  If you are in the bay area and might want to see the Ramblers before I am out of town again, drop me a line.  In between sales calls and business there will be some  riding time here in the East Bay.

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