Nocino Sampling

it has been a year and a half now since I gathered the walnuts, and a year of aging in the bottle.  This is my first time tasting Nocino, and it is good, very good!

2.12 Nocino-1110334Great to sip on and even better over a little bowl of vanilla ice cream.  Be assured, I will be gathering more young walnuts this year and every year I can from here on out.  I am certain the walnuts, as do many things, gathered by bike taste better as well.

Along those lines I have been talking with friends for years now about how much better things like coffee can taste when you are camping.  But why limit it to camping trips or even overnights?  Tomorrow I am going to get up a little earlier, and make the coffee on my morning ride, take the time to enjoy the sunrise and have some extra fun.  Lets see how many of you can join in too, share pics on flickr, instagram, facebook etc. and get your buddies stoked on it too.  I am pretty sure anything that gets that outdoor experience in the day is a good thing, even in bite sized chunks.

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2 Responses to Nocino Sampling

  1. mike says:

    Really want to try this!

    • Rob says:

      soon, I am sure of it. I will be keeping an eye on the local trees and let you know when we should go on a gathering ride

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