Wallets in the Storefront

I just added the newest version of the leather Makr / Touring wallets to the store front.

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These wallets, like most things here at OAC, were an organic progression.  Both designs are rooted in traditional leather craft patterns.  I wanted a simple wallet for a couple of cards and a little cash, and the single pocket version was born.  Then I needed a business card holder and the two pocket version entered the scene.  A couple of year’s worth of refinements and it is something that is ready for debut.

Both are made be me here in our workshop with high quality 4oz leather from Herman Oak, stitched with V92 sailmaking thread, and the up-cycled chain link is stitched on by hand. I treat them with a healthy coat of Obenauf’s leather treatment to keep the look natural.  The pockets will each hold a few credit cards or a stack of 15 business cards.  The slot can take some cash folded in half, then in half again.

The leather will take on a shiny deep brown tone that only gets better with age.

$40 + 2 shipping and handling will get you one to your door.


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