Yesterday I had a couple of quick stops to make, with Grant Park in the middle.  If there is time I try to make it a point to go over the hill instead of around.  I was on the xtracycle, dropped it into low and set to spinning along at a comfortable pace.

DCIM100GOPROEven the pitches steeper than 10% should not be that big of a deal with the low gearing on  my heavy hauler

DCIM100GOPROAbout half way up and at the top of the steepest stretch I could still crack a smile.

DCIM100GOPROThe next couple hundred yards had me wondering if this was such a good idea in jeans and a fleece.  Not terrible, but thinking I should probably stop, but that would break any sort of rhythm I had managed to get going.  Then cresting the top, the fun begins.

DCIM100GOPROIt is just a matter of picking a route down.

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