New Bike Lanes

My bicycle has been the primary mode of transportation around town for about 5 years now.  One of the biggest hurdles getting other folks to jump on board has been the fear of riding in traffic.  In the last few years though the city of Ventura has been making great strides.  There are well marked bike routes that will get you to most parts of town.  In the past the routes were a mix of neighborhood streets and bike lanes on the main arteries.  The challenge was in navigating the jumble, often ending up on heavily trafficked 4 lane roads with the bike lane you were in just sort of disappearing. As part of our seasonal repaving, and thus re striping, I am really stoked to see new connecting stretches showing up every week now.  The latest is on a stretch that I ride all the time, and used to be a sprint to get past.

I had long since given up trying to count the times that cars would pinch me to the curb right underneath the share the road sign.  Thank you to the City for fixing this stretch.  Hopefully it fuels the ever-increasing number of people I see choosing the bike over their car for getting around town.

Happy Friday!  DO not forget to play outside this weekend!

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4 Responses to New Bike Lanes

  1. James Thompson says:

    Make sure you let the city know! I emailed them to thank them after they shifted the lanes on Loma Vista past the high-school there, and they very much appreciate the feedback:)

    • Rob says:

      James, can you forward me the department you sent your note too? The City of Ventura is laying in some amazing cycling infrastructure. The Mayor, and all the folks making this happen, all the way down to the revised plan that was developed and approved by the community a couple of years back.

      • James Thompson says:


        I just sent it to the council as a whole, as I didn’t know what specific department to be emailing. It was forwarded on to the appropriate people and I received a lovely reply from Christy Weir. Her council address is here
        And the council is just

        Congratulations on the wedding anniversary, my wife and I have also just celebreated our third:)


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