Votational Ride

Even with the kickstarter project submitted for review things have not backed off a bit, but I took a 30 minute break to ride over to the local polling place and drop off the votes.

You voted, right?  I am sure you did.

Then the hustle home to keep the prep for the SF Expo under way.  I have had my idea and materials for the back drop on hand for a month now, but figured it would be a good thing to do a dry run before SF.

I am pretty stoked with how it came out.  The banner hangs ahead of the backdrop for a slight shadow box effect.  the string disappears on the canvas.  I need to make a couple of adjustments to keep it all tight, but I am happy with the plan.

Next up is cleaning up and re-cabling my blue Rambler.  Decals will be coming in overnight, thursday is going to be a busy morning.

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2 Responses to Votational Ride

  1. rick rodeghier says:

    If it’s possible, the back drop in front of the posts and pole would look nicer.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the ides. I was thinking along those lines as well, or some way to otherwise wrap the pole in the canvas, but I think flipping it will work better than wrapping. I also have a spreader bar to keep the bottom taut, but I may give up on the idea of rearward slope of the canvas to better hide the base as well. Pulling the canvas tight to the tripod base will probably help keep set up simple too.

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